Gourmet Biryani
Spice Blends (Masalas)

A Rice & Meat dish infused with flavors & spices, it is the best “One Dish Meal” one could imagine, popularly called the "King of all Dishes"...

Gourmet Gravies
Spice Blends (Masalas)

From Starters to Main Course, from Hyderabadi Dum ka Chicken to Hindustani Kadhai Goshth, from Butter Chicken to Achar Goshth...

Gourmet Hyderabadi
Spice Blends (Masalas)

Hyderabadi Cuisine is a distinct dialogue in food combining the highly developed & refined Mughlai Cuisine of North with zesty sauces & spices of south...

Gourmet Indo-Chinese
Spice Blends (Masalas)

The adaptation of Chinese seasoning & cooking techniques to Indian tastes through offerings of Non-Vegetarian & Vegetarian dishes....

Gourmet Kebabs
Spice Blends (Masalas)

A middle Eastern / South Asian delicacy of pieces of Chicken, Lamb, Fish and other meats & vegetables, roasted, grilled or fried on skewer, spit or pan.....

Gourmet Vegetarian
Spice Blends (Masalas)

Refers to specialty vegetarian cuisines that meet vegetarian standards by not including meat or any other animal source ingredients...

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