Distributors (National) – Terms and Conditions

Please see Product Profile & Product details for better understanding of our products, Click here for Product List

Also giving a summary below:

1) You get attractive discount on M.R.P of Rs.70/- ( All over INDIA) for all products.

2) Orders will be accepted in case lot of 24 boxes and multiples.

3) Goods will be sent through reliable transport on freight paid basis. All other related charges if any will be borne by you.

4) Ustad Banne Nawab’s cater to a family of 5 to 6 people with consumer packs meant for households because our recipes are for – Chicken 1 Kg / Mutton half Kg with bones, 750 Gms of Rice and 1 Kg. Chicken / Mutton for Biryanis. Hence smaller packs do not serve the purpose. ( This is not a flavoring Masala but a whole cooking Masala ). One box is used for single cooking, for serving more than 5 to 6 people one need to multiply the number of boxes required for specific dish preparation.

5) You can pay refundable deposit of Rs. 2,00,000/- (INR) and give a cheque with very purchase order. Goods will be sent against your deposit and cheque wll be presented after 30 days of despatch, this way you can avail 30 days credit facility.

6) If you do not want to pay deposit or avail credit facility, goods will be sent only after you deposit purchase order equivalent amount of money in company’s bank account as given below.

a) Account Name; Charminar Foods & Exports Pvt.Ltd.
b) Bank Name / Br.; HDFC Bank, Mehdipatnam Branch.
c) Account No; 5020 0002 344 883
d) RTGS/IFSC Code; HDFC 0000365

These liberal terms are decided for you with an intention to give you comfortable business terms and to get associated with you for mutual benefit.

Please place your order on mail giving product wise quantities required with complete address, telephone number and transporter name and its Hyderabad location for delivery of goods.

Samples can be sent, if required 1 Pc each x 24 Products or 2 Pc each x 12 Products. The sample carton can be sent through DTDC Courier and will cost Rs.350/- plus Rs. 1,176/- towards the product cost coming to a total of Rs.1,526/- In order to confirm your sample request kindly deposit the mentioned amount into the above specified account and confirm your request for sending 24 sales packs.

Please note: We do not have small sample packs.

Exports (International) – Terms and Conditions

Please see Product Profile & Product details for better understanding of our products, Click here for Product List

Also giving a summary below:

1) Each 20 Ft. container accommodates 2050 cartons containing 24 single boxes, this equals to 49,200 boxes of 5 to 6 servings ( single box )

2) For best CIF prices kindly email us your business profile & enquiry to : contactustad@gmail.com

3) We can supply to you against irrevocable L.C. or you can pay 50% with the purchase order and balance 50% after you receive the goods.

4) For full container load, after you place your order the manufacturing time will be about 30 days, custom clearance & Product testing by Spices board etc at Hyderabad dry port will take about 15, transportation to Mumbai will take about 3 days, the sailing time for the shipment will be about 18 days. This is on the maximum side. If most of the products ordered are already there in the current month inventory the time gets reduced by about 15 days.

5) If you wish you can buy small quantities initially, say 3 to 5 pallets, accommodating 300 to 500 cartons of 24 packs each.

Hope the above satisfies your requirement. If you have more queries, please get back without hesitation. Looking forward to your favorable response.